Safety Netting

Advantages of Installing Fall Protection Systems on Your Current Job

Whatever the size of your construction project – from large commercial site to a brand new residential home build, safety is a number one consideration. Building site health and safety standards and ensuring you keep your employees safe, apart from being a priority, also reduces the risk of increased site overheads through work stoppages, sick leave and loss of staff.

Numerous advantages of installing fall protection systems include:

Hazard Management of Your Safety Net Installation

There is a universal method of hazard management of heights. It follows a hierarchy of alternatives to manage these hazards. The levels are identified as follows:

Safety nets were often considered to be a category 4 solution, but with the introduction of flat installation lightweight nets, it has been generally accepted that netting can now be considered a level 2 solution of collective protection.

This means that:

Nets can be installed so close to the work level it prevents the kind of fall likely to cause injury.

Nets offer a collective form of protection which is deemed an improvement on harnesses or lanyards.

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