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Netting is an open-meshed material used to protect, filter, or restrict. Netting products range from extremely fine fibre mesh to industrial-grade material netting. Nets are most commonly used for protection and restriction. For example, some industrial netting is used to provide an open but secure barrier against flying or falling objects, debris, or insects. Netting may also be used to form temporary fences at construction sites or on sports fields. Containment or cargo netting is used on trucks and flatbed rail cars to protect and contain loads during transport.

Construction Method Of Netting Materials

Base construction is an important selection consideration for netting products, as it determines the way a net will function. Netting can be made by perforating a sheet, weaving metal wire or synthetic fibres, photochemical etching, extrusion, or electroforming.

Netting Materials of Construction

It may be important to select netting based on the materials used in its construction, depending on the demands and specifics of the application. Material selection determines a net's strength, chemical and corrosion resistance, hardness, and electrical conductivity. Materials can be classified as metals, plastics, natural fibres, or other unique materials.

Applications Of Netting Materials

Certain types of netting are predesigned for specific applications, and can be selected based on the application needs of the buyer. Applications for netting include:

In scrap yards, warehouses, and other industrial and commercial environments, products that can withstand sharp objects and heavy loads are required. For example, scrap metal dealers use strong, durable plastic netting to contain loose metal parts that are transported by truck or rail.

Netting may be used in animal protection, aquaculture, filtration, food processing, and high-temperature applications. Bird netting and bat house netting are used in environmental conservation projects. Aquaculture nets are used to protect or catch marine life such as fish, shrimp, and oysters. Warehouse safety nets are designed to protect people and products, and to prevent damage caused by falling objects. Filtration netting is used to filter and separate different size materials.

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