Discover the Different Types of Industrial Netting Available For Your Business

That’s how we’d describe our netting.

And we understand when it comes to rope, netting or twine used in an industrial situation, you can trust them. That's why here at Industrial Netting we ensure that we only use the highest quality materials and that every item we supply for industrial use is strong, durable and reliable. In fact, we offer different types of fabrics for industrial use, which we describe below. However, if you are ever looking for rope,
mesh or yarn for a specific industrial task, do not hesitate to get in touch with us as we can offer something bespoke. The main nets that we supply to our customers in the industrial sector are:

Fine Mesh Nets

Our fine mesh netting is the ideal netting for the sides of trucks, covering cargo in transit, or covering bricks and containers on a construction site (or if you're working on a home renovation project). The main part of the net is an air-permeable PVC-coated polyethylene film and is extremely durable in all weather conditions. This main net has a PVC edge and can be supplied with either an 8mm shock cord (made from elastic) or 6mm rope ties. The connecting lugs are made of strong brass and are securely placed every three inches along the rim.

Cargo Nets

Our cargo nets are just as tough... And they're purpose-built to withstand the toughest conditions. We have a range of different sizes available and they can be made in a range of different colours. But all of our cargo nets come with the option of a rope or bungee edge and sealed rope attachments securely fastened approximately every three inches. They are strong, sturdy and incredibly durable, making them ideal for carrying almost any heavy load.

Twisted Polyethylene Netting

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something equally tough and durable, but a bit more lightweight… Our twisted polyethylene netting could be the perfect option. Though it’s often used in more sporting situations (for cricket nets, goal netting and so on), it can be handy in warehouse and onsite situations too. As it’s more lightweight, this is a good idea if you need to move the netting around more often. Just because it’s more versatile, doesn’t mean it’s not strong too – whether it’s used indoors or outdoors, you’ll find it more than stands the test of time and can be relied on to do the job. Of course, if you’re ever in any doubt as to which type of netting is most appropriate for a specific task, we’re more than happy to advise you. Indeed, we also supply a number of different types of nylon twine, which are extremely useful when it comes to baling.

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