Using Construction Safety Netting for Fall Protection and Debris Control

Netting is everywhere. One of its most significant roles is in the construction industry. The No. 1 reason for death on a building site is falling from an altitude, followed by being hit by objects. The excellent news is that netting prevents accidents and often is your best line of defence against falls and debris. Construction employees will work at an altitude at some point in their careers. For this, fall safety is an essential component on a worksite. The longer an employee functions at a given height, the more comfortable he or she will become.

Why is Safety Netting Necessary?

Employees may begin to ignore safety processes which is a recipe for disaster. A worker can become overconfident in their capacity to perform a task. Fall protection includes netting, guardrails, and personal fall arrest systems. Unstable or weak roofs must have safety netting installed beneath. When dangerous equipment is present, safety should be a number 1 priority with netting being a vital and essential facet. The lack thereof will be fatal in most fall situations. A fall's effects can ripple for several years and will be felt by more than just the worker and their family. Traumatic events can slow down a work environment but also undermine the confidence of fellow workers.

What is Debris Netting? Where is it used?

The netting structure prevents the tools and wastes from falling to the ground of a job site. What we are referring to is called debris, and in order to prevent it you will need to use debris netting. Sure, you could have on a hard hat, but that shouldn't be the best line of protection against a hammer or wrench falling with seven stories up. If a worksite is in a town or crowded area, pedestrians tend to be the most at risk of being struck by debris. Falling tools, wood, steel and concrete all have killed pedestrians, including children. As a consequence of those tragedies, families lost members, construction companies faced fines, lawsuits, and arrest orders, and lives changed forever. Netting is beyond necessary on every worksite.

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