7 Benefits of Installing Bird Netting in Your Garden

Gardeners growing fruits, vegetables, and other edible crops should always be prepared for a possible bird attack on their garden. During springtime, birds are looking for suitable nesting options, and if you let them, they might pick your grand.

To counter this problem, smart gardeners use bird netting to keep birds away. There are many reasons benefits of using the anti-bird netting.

1. Easy to Install

The netting is simple to set up and install. It can be used to cover trees, fruit plants, and vegetables crops easily. You can cut the netting and customize it size according to your requirements and fasten it with tape, clips, or any other tool readily available in the market for this purpose. Moreover, it is made up of high-quality material and is available in many shapes and sizes.

2. Cost-Effective

Bird netting is an affordable way to combat the damage that birds can bring upon plants and their produce. This is especially useful for gardeners that sell their fruits and vegetables to increase their profit.

3. Allows Insect Pollination

Although the netting obstructs birds from eating fruits, it allows insects to enter and pollinate. Furthermore, the netting allows ventilation, sunlight, and moisture to reach the crops as plants need these requirements to harvest.

4. Durable and Lightweight

One of the best things about anti bird netting is that it is made from durable and robust material that doesn’t require a high-maintenance. In addition to this, it is washer-friendly, which makes it reusable. It is made of a flexible material that not only makes it easy to install but easy to store as well. Meaning, you can take it off in the offseason and install it again during springtime.

5. UV Friendly and Rot Free

Unlike metal nettings, the material used in making anti-bird netting is rot free, which makes it long-lasting. It is also UV-friendly, meaning the ultra-violet rays cannot damage it.

6. Prevents Health Issues

Birds not only damage your plants by eating off from them, but they also contaminate your garden by plastering it by their droppings. Bird droppings could give illness if they come in contact with a person’s skin. For instance, Pigeon’s droppings can cause many infectious diseases like flu, tuberculosis, Lyme-disease, and many more. Bird netting can be used to prevent these serious health issues.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Many gardeners employ environmentally unethical ways to protect their garden from birds. The toxic material is not only dangerous for the birds but the crops as well. It can contaminate the fruits and vegetables, which can turn out to be hazardous for the people consuming them. Netting your garden is an environmentally friendly method that has been proven successful in serving its purpose the right way.

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