Action Cricket Netting

Industrial Netting is the top supplier of all types of nets, including cricket netting and action cricket netting. Our action cricket nets and cricket nets are of top quality and can be used for any purpose.

All action cricket netting consists of High Density Polyethylene twine UV stabilised against radiation giving you a product that is able to withstand the harshest of elements.

We manufacture single courts, double courts and triple courts including custom size action cricket nets to suit the space you have available. Multiple courts sharing dividing nets thereby reducing the cost per unit.

Different Types of Cricket Netting Used for Practice

Indoor Cricket Netting

Indoor nets are different from the outdoor nets used for playing cricket. They are usually suspended on the aluminium track way, or the runners, which remain attached to the top or ceiling of the gymnasium or hall. The nets then drop abut 8-4m, which reaches the ground, before it can travel another 20m laterally to provide a substantial enclosure for practice.

Generally, indoor nets are multi lave, having 2 to 4 bays, which is very common. Quite unlike the outdoor nets where the colour of netting is usually black, indoor netting will be white. They come with separate canvas screens enclosing the batsmen and surrounding area. There are 2 purposes of this type of netting – to reach the rear and side of the pitch.

Outdoor Cricket Netting

Outdoor nets, on the other hand, are the basic standard nets used for practice. They can take any form and shape in guises. While some nets are usually homemade, others are likely to be manufacturers professionally and installed. Irrespective of their construction and design, outdoor cricket also has the same purpose for using nets – to allow bowling and batting practice within the enclosed space. The construction and design of outdoor nets is based around 2 basic factors – the age of players and frequency of playing.

In cricket clubs and schools where higher construction levels are used, there are nets used to meet their requirements.

There may be too many variations in the outdoor nets, unlike indoor nets, to be suited for requirements.

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