Sports Netting Suppliers

Our team offers a large range of sprots netting to fit any event. Our Range Includes: 

Cricket netting

Golf Netting

Hockey Netting

Soccer Netting

Tennis Netting

Polo Netting

Basket Ball Netting

Volly Ball Netting

Barrier Netting

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All action cricket netting consists of High Density Polyethylene twine UV stabilised against radiation giving you a product that is able to withstand the harshest of elements.

We manufacture single courts, double courts and triple courts including custom size action cricket nets to suit the space you have available. Multiple courts share dividing nets thereby reducing the cost per unit.


Our Cricket Practice Nets are very popular with the schools, universities and sports clubs around the country, including private home use. We will provide you with a standard size cricket net or a net that has been made according to your specifications and budget.

All cricket netting for both indoor cricket nets and outdoor cricket nets consists of a High Density Polyethylene UV stabilised against radiation giving you a product that is able to withstand the harshest of outdoor elements.


With 50 years experience supplying quality golf nets to the golfing industry, whatever your golf netting requirements, we have the expertise to do the job correctly.

We have to date produced the largest Golf Driving Range Barrier Net in South Africa, which can be found at the Randpark Driving Range - measuring 450m in length by 30m in height. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

We manufacture golf practice nets as well as golf ball protection nets for private homes on golfing estates to prevent damage to property and personal safety.


We manufacture heavy duty hockey goal nets as well as Hockey barrier nets using a 45mm mesh with a 2.5mm twine made from a UV stabilised high density polyethylene enabling an extended life span. These nets can be manufactured in white, green and black.


We produce both standard size soccer goal nets and custom manufactured soccer goal nets to meet our client requirements, in a range of colours. All netting is manufactured using High Density Polyethylene that is UV stabilised against radiation thereby ensuring the longevity of the netting under the harshest elements. Extra heavy duty football goal nets are also available and made using a stronger cord.

All soccer arena nets are custom build to your specific arena dimensions. Send us your requirements and we will provide you with a proposal to suite your needs.


We manufacture the complete range of tennis nets including standard nets, double top nets and competition nets. Our products are made using a UV stabilised high density polyethylene ensuring an extended life span.

We do tennis net repairs including headband replacements and supply a range of accessories including hooks & winders, additional centre bands and adjusters to attach the centre band to the court surface.

We have developed an In-Pole Tensioning System with the objective of preventing children from injuring themselves when running around a tennis court and catching themselves on the extended hook & winder end shaft. This system also prevents the theft of nets as the pole caps prevent access to the tensioning system.

Backdrop Nets

Made from a 50% or 80% Green High Density Polyethylene Shade Netting UV stabilised. The backdrops are approximately 18.3m x 3m or 36m x 3m for the sides. We can manufacture as per your specific sizes if your court fence sizing is any different.


Water polo nets are made to order as per your dimensions and specifications including a range of colours.



White Basketball nets are a stock item and ready for collection. We can manufacture in different colours if required.



We manufacture standard and competition specification volleyball nets. The standard nets are stock items and readily available. The competition nets are manufactured to order.



Catch nets can be manufactured as in this case to prevent people and soccer balls from falling into the perimeter moat on this soccer field. We used a 100mm mesh with a 6mm cord to accommodate both aspects of the nets functionality.

These nets are custom manufactured to your requirements.


We build multi-sport arenas for home and commercial applications, combining sports such as cricket, soccer, mini tennis, golf, netball and basketball into one facility. Give us a call for further details and we will quote as per your specifications and requirements.